About Us

Company today

AMIRI is the largest confectionery manufacturer in Tajikistan. The products of confectionery are patented under the trademark AMIRI, have protective rights in the field of protection of intellectual property rights and have been present on the market of the Republic of Tajikistan since 2011. This trademark is a national brand.

Over the years of its rapid development, AMIRI has become one of the most highly mechanized factories specializing in the production of high quality confectionery products. Nowadays the factory has over 200 items of products, which are divided into the following groups:

  1. Caramel:candy fruit caramel;milk candy caramel;caramel with fruit and milk fillings;caramel with praline masses
  2. Chewing caramel;
  3. Jelly;
  4. Marshmallow;
  5. Chocolate fondant products in stock;
  6. Chocolates with fondant fillings;
  7. Truffle;
  8. Chocolate bar;
  9. Candy bar;
  10. Fruits in chocolate;
  11. Souffle;
  12. Dragee;
  13. Chocolate boxes.

The main advantage of the factory is the use of natural raw materials in the production.

  • The bestsellers are:
  • Chewing caramel “Toffi Mix”,
  • Caramel "Barbaris" (Barberry),
  • Candies "Vecher" (Evening),
  • Souffle "Ptichye moloko" (Bird's milk),
  • Chocolate boxes “Abrikos v shokolade” (Apricot in Chocolate).

The technological park of AMIRI is equipped with the modern European technological equipment manufactured by leading engineering companies in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. With a continuous technological regime, we produce up to 50 tons of products per day. We have the opportunity to produce more than 12 000 tons of products per year.

Today, AMIRI has more than 300 highly qualified specialists, providing main and operational activities. All employees undergo training and receive the necessary degree of competence. Our social policy emphasizes the development of human capital, which allows employees to improve their skills and knowledge and step up the career.


AMIRI produces products in accordance with the requirements of international standards of quality and food safety. In 2013 the company introduced a food safety management system that meets the requirements of the ISO 2200: 2005 / HACCP standard. This is proven by the presence of ISO 2200: 2005 certificate.

In order to supply continuous monitoring and maintenance of the food safety management system, a working group was created at the factory, which conducts an internal audit at least 2 times a year to comply with the food safety management system. Moreover, at the confectionery every year a group of independent experts in the field of food safety management systems conducts independent inspection over compliance with the food safety management system. All resources involved in the production of products comply with the implemented food safety management system ISO 2200: 2005 / HACCP. All raw material deliveries are carried out by suppliers whose activities are certified in accordance with the ISO 22000 / HACCP food safety management system.


The implementation of new technologies and innovations in the industrial development of the company allowed us in a short time to develop the Tajik market and go beyond it. AMIRI products, through its own distribution network, are marketed in all major cities and regions of the Republic of Tajikistan. It is also represented in neighboring countries – in the Republic of Afghanistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan.

A special goal of the management is to increase the competitiveness of the confectionery products by increasing the technical level of production, careful selection of sources of raw materials, improving technologies and managing production processes and optimizing the product range.

By 2022 AMIRI, with state support, plans to complete a large investment project for the construction and commissioning of a new factory, where new technologies for the production of various and popular confectionery products on the Tajik market will be introduced. To optimize costs and create its own material and raw material base, the company plans to implement a number of large-scale projects for the production of corn starch syrup, flour and flour products by 2023-2024. The implementation of these projects will allow us to fulfill the tasks of the socio-economic sphere and create a number of jobs, cause this sphere plays an important role in our activities. Moreover, the implementation of projects will allow us to increase production volumes, create our own material and raw materials base and increase the export potential of the factory and the country.