About Us

History of the company 

The history of the confectionary plant AMIRI originated in 2010 in the small Rudaki region of our beautiful Tajikistan. The idea to create a confectionery plant was born in head long before that. Gaybullozoda Abdurahmon, who is currently the founder of AMIRI, made this idea a reality. Later, on September 6, 2011, the company officially was opened and launched. Since its foundation the company has made a bet on the quality of the product and is trying to follow the chosen way until today. It is proven by the sales indicators, which are increasing from year to year.
2017 and 2019

The products of AMIRI are loved by consumers for the high quality of confectionery products, confirmed by many awards. In 2017 and 2019 AMIRI has got the awards “Brand of the Year 2017” and “Brand of the Year 2019”.


In 2014 the products manufactured by AMIRI were awarded with the nomination “BEST FOOD PRODUCT OF 2014 IN THE REPUBLIC OF TAJIKISTAN”.


In 2017 the company was awarded by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan for the implementation and comprehensive maintenance of a food safety management system that meets the requirements of the ISO 2200: 2005 / HACCP standard.


In 2018 the products of AMIRI were awarded with the diploma “BEST PRODUCT OF 2018”.


In 2019 AMIRI was awarded by the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Tajikistan for its contribution to the development of the food industry of the Republic of Tajikistan.